Word Journey Flower Answers

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Word journey Flower answers level 1 to level 5 a great solutions for new player which cannot solve the puzzle. How to play word journey is simple find a word related to the topic then slide the letter to check the word, the word direction can be left to right, up and down or backwards word so you must try to read each letter until you found a possible word in a list. This cheats will be better if using a video but we can't record a screen capture video and upload it to youtube because video file will crush out internet quota, but this word journey cheats still can help gamer solve the game easily.

Word Journey Flower Answers

1. daisy tulip rose lily lavender geranium jasmine iris lilac
2. crocus clover camellia petal orchid bouquet lotus peony poppy violet
3. lavender rose poppy lilac tulip peony violet geranium clover laurel daisy
4. lily daffodil jasmine bouquet orchid lotus crocus zinnia petal iris camellia
5. geranium bouquet tulip peony zinnia laurel daffodil violet crocus lavender orchid

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