Word Jigsaw Answers

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Hello I’m back again with word jigsaw answers, this is fun game by word maniacs a new game developer that focused in word game. This game inspired by bonza but has different puzzle and much more level to play, you can play this word jigsaw game using android but for better display I suggest 7 inch tablet or larger. In this game you will found many category like : Turorial, 3 Essential for Living, Things Go Round, Really, Hot, The Fifth Element, Before Bedtime, Makes Me Laugh, Cheers Chess, For Fashion, Ho ho ho and many more categories but today I will share the first 10 categories cheats.

Word jigsaw Tutorial : welcome, genius
Word jigsaw 3 Essential for Living : water,oxygen,food
Word jigsaw Things Go Round : ball,earth,wheel,clock
Word jigsaw Really Hot : furnace,fire,sun,oven
Word jigsaw The Fifth Element : water,air,wind,fire,earth
Word jigsaw Before Bedtime : dinner,floss,plan,read,relax
Word jigsaw Makes Me Laugh : comedian,clown,tickle,joke
Word jigsaw Cheers Chess  : knight, king, queen, bishop, pawn
Word jigsaw For Fashion  : prada,burberry,chanel,hermes,dior,fendi
Word jigsaw Ho ho ho  : reindeers,gifts,santa,northpole,sleigh