Windows 8 Reviews

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Windows 8 introduces user interface is completely new. New Windows 8 Metro-based UI improves the user experience on tablets and laptops, also available Windows Store offers some pretty interesting applications in the early stages. as Play store on Android here also provide free and paid apps.

But it needs to know Windows 8 is bringing significant changes from the previous version, the Windows 7. want to know what are the advantages of Windows 8 compared to Windows 7?

The following advantages of Windows 8

Windows 8 does not require a PC upgrade

Microsoft has stated that the computer that is running Windows 7 can also run Windows 8 so that the users do not need to upgrade your PC. According to Microsoft, Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM is enough to run this OS

Windows 8 supports ARM chips

Windows 8 supports devices using ARM chips infrastructure. It is expected to extend the reach of Windows 8 in the tablet market.

Windows 8 is optimized for touch screens

Windows 7 already support the touch screen, but not optimal, especially in terms of design. Windows 8, dubbed the Metro interface is optimized for touch interface with Windows Phone style form.

Windows 8 app store

To comfort users Windows 8 will have its own application store called Windows Store. Windows Store provides a wide range of applications that are optimized for Windows 8.

Fast boot time

Boot Windows 8 in the demo only lasts 8 seconds. A much shorter time than booting in previous versions of Windows.

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 has promised to bring a major change from previous IE versions. This browser is claimed to be very user friendly to use either for tablet or PC.

Windows 8 has better security

Windows 8 is said to be have better security features to counter cyber attacks. Among the features of Windows Defender enhanced capabilities in the OS