Tips Choosing New Andoid Phones

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With the android operating system growing to be more and more popular, Smartphone start to become a new necessity for a group of people in the industry. A new customer, a new market, and an new source of money. So looking into that factor it is normal that nowadays there are so many influx of new android mobile phones in the industry. Every manufacturers want to take a portion of the pie in the industry, and some of them try to make the pie larger by expanding to a new market place. Everyday, every month, each of that company working their asses off to make a new innovation that can break into the market and grab the largest market share possible in the economy.

From company A with phone A, or from company B with phone B, each of them try their best to make a new product that can be accepted in the market. That is why the huge influx of android phones is unavoidable. But from the oh-so-many new mobile phones in the industry sure not all of it are coming in the same great standard that we can tolerate, so now the question is how do we pick the best out of them ? Since there are so many new android phones coming out in the year 2012 alone I guess it is better for us to narrow the list and only pick the best new android phones in the market.

One of the best among them coming from a Korean Giant Electronic Company, yes it is none other than Samsung. By the appearance of Samsung galaxy note 2, it is just hard to ignore that Samsung galaxy note 2 that just come out a while may be one of the strongest contestant of the best new android phone in the industry. Because continuing the success from the previous type, that is Samsung galaxy note 1, many people already turning their heads to see what Samsung will offer this time with galaxy note 2. And the expectations meet with satisfaction, if you have the money just try out this phone and try it with your own hand to feel the amazingness.