The Impossible Test Christmas iPhone Game

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The impossible test Christmas iphone game is undoubtedly one of the most popular iphone game out there. The impossible test Christmas game coming from the PixelCUBE studios, as the developer of this game. This game is another strategy games that you can play on your device, so if you like any kind of strategy games then this game is a good choice for you. As the prove of it;s popularity in the market, this impossible test Christmas iphone game has been gathering over than 13 million downloads for the games. The new, the 5th game in the impossible test series offer some additional features like 4 game modes to play, 30 new Christmas collection, 28 collectible prizes, and 7 different ranks to get for the players. This impossible test Christmas iphone game not only compatible with the iphone, because this games application also compatible with the new ipad.

    The importantly test Christmas iphone game offers many new things from the 5th game in the impossible test series. Other than the things that we have mentioned above this game also come with a new high resolution icon and definitely features fun sounds and graphics that you can enjoy happily while playing the game. This impossible test christmas iphone game use English language and if you want to play this game you will need at least iOS 4.3 to play this game. It is because this game require your device to have iOS 4.3 or later version in order to run this game. The version 1.2 of the game was being released back in the 16 December 2011 with size about 8.3 MB. This game also compatible with a wide range of apple device ranging from iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. And one more interesting news for this game is the developer of this game is currently preparing another update for the game that will have the awesome retina graphics for the new ipad.