The Best Android Development Tools

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If you are a gadget freak especially for any android devices, maybe some of you already aware of android applications development. For an android lover sometimes it is challenging to develop an application on android and work with coding, because for some people coding is actually a fun thing for them. So for people that is really interested in android application development, it is important for you to getting familiar with android development tools that is already provided around us. Especially if you are interested to develop a mobile application for android platform.

    But as usual, before you are starting to make your own application better to know the tools to make android application first. Android SDK already includes various tools that you can use to develop an application in android platform. The android development tools are categorized into SDK tools and platform tools. The main difference between SDK tools and platform tools is SDK tools are the tools that is required when you develop an application, no matter which android platform you are working on. Meanwhile platform tools are the tools that is customized to support the necessary features on the latest android platform. So, in other words you will always need SDK tools whenever you are going to develop an application.

    There are various tools in SDK tools that you use to develop an application. But among these tools, tools like Android SDK, Android AVD, Emulator, and Dalvik Debug Monitor Server are the most important SDK tools. The other difference between SDK tools and platform tools is the update. SDK tools are periodically updated, meanwhile platform tools are updated whenever you install a new SDK platform. One of example of platform tools is Android Debug Versatile.  Android Debug Versatile is a tool that let you manage an android powered device.