Supernatural: Evil receptacle Walkthrough Level 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

16: pick up fork and use it to hit rock at bottom left to make a fire, pick up horse shoe ( magnet ) above door and use it to find key

17: pick up black bishop chess piece on the floor, tap board pick up white bishop chess below refresh button, put white bishop over 1 square with other white,
do same with black bishop to make it face, now move it to change position between 2 bishop ( white at top and black at bottom)

18: pick up quill, use it at top right until you can see code, now you must complete this equation to get A B C D, the result result is 8694

19: arrange the bottle same with this position top: light green, purple, cyan. middle: light blue, blue, cyan. bottom: green, red, brown.

20: change laser position to make a star.
21: pick up can and shovel, break shovel using stone at bottom right, open tomb use stick and can to burn dracula

22: pick up frog, slide 2 mushroom into pot, slide 1 eyeball into pot, slide 3 powder into pot,slide 2 eyeball into pot, put frog into pot

23: to make the scale balance put top skull in right cage, gold skull left cage, silver skull right cage, brown & white left cage, the last skull in right cage

24: set square color same with preview

25: complete the easy puzzle

26: to make the result 9 you must change the equation symbol like this (2+2/2)^2 = 9

27: there's 3 bucket A B C, you must fill B bucket with 4 liter
    A bucket = 5 liter and C bucket 8 liter, to get 4 liter:

    Fill bucket A, move into bucket C.
    Fill bucket A, move into bucket C.
    move bucket C into well.
    move bucket A into bucket C.
    Fill bucket A, move into bucket C.
    Fill bucket A, move into bucket C.
    move bucket A into bucket B

28: slide roll left to see equation, looks complicated? actually it was just 264 -18 = 246 use this code to open next level.

29: count each shape top left = 5, bottom left = 9, top right = 7, bottom right = 8
30: change the photo position top: cockroach, bat, wolf. bottom: dracula, elephant, t-rex ( small to large)

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