Subway Surfers Games Tips

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Today is definitely a great day for any subway surfers fans out there. It is because today we would like to give you some subway surfers games tips that you can do while enjoying the game. So, now let's check out our subway surfers games tips !

    The first tips that we are going to share to you from our subway surfers games tips is about character change. For the character change tips you need to do it based on our instruction. For character change you need go into the subway surfer and onto the menu then press the shop button. After that you need to press “Charecter” button, it is the blue button that you can find at the bottom. Now you can get into the character selections. After that you need to go to the second character (remember to unlock the girls first), then press select. Next go to the first character then hold the select button, it is the green button, keep pressing it while at the same time use another finger to press the arrows going across until it shows the character that you want.

    Our next tips for the subway surfers game is about the mystery box. The tips is whenever you buy a mystery box, remember to click the “tap to open” using with more than one finger to get more than one thing from the mystery box. Pretty simple to do right ? The next tips that we are going to give you from our subway surfers game tips is about how to collect more coins in the game. To collect more coins, go into the store and click to watch a video. By doing this you will get 100 coins. Then after that you can click it again to watch the video again, by doing this you can get another 100 coins again. Even though the amount is small but if you are doing it over and over again you can get pretty decent amount of coins from the game.

subway surfer game tips

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