Subway Surfer Now Available for Android

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In this game you will help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the train guard and his angry pit bull dogs, because Jake, Tricky & Fresh makes Graffiti on train. Of course the guards angry and chase him.

There are 3 lanes tracks that you can use to escape, as well as taking the points value of existing games along the railroad tracks. The tension will be felt when Jake, Tricky & Fresh avoid the train from the front, and a lot of hurdles to jump over, or could be sliding down. Very stressful and exciting.
Other features in-game Subway Surfers for Android include:

- The graphics are charming, colorful and HD
- Surfing the fun with a hover board
- Jetpack equipped with spray paint
-  A cool stunt Sliding Style

This game available for free for android and iOS platform you can download directly at Google play and Itunes for your iphone and ipod.

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