Solar Power Cell Phone Charger

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For any of you who love to follow the green lifestyle and have high concern to the environment on the earth, using a solar powel cell phone charger to charge your phone is one way that you can do in order to conserve the environment of the earth by using eco-friendly product such as solar power cell phone charger. Basically, a solar power cell phone charger is still the same as the other cell phone charger in the market that you normally find, it still has the same functionality that is to charge your cell phone battery. The only difference that lies between solar power cell phone charger and normal cell phone charger is the source of the energy. For normal cell phone charger, the charger use the energy from electricity in your home meanwhile the solar power charger will use the energy from the sunlight for the charger.

    One of the example of the product is the portable solar charger for cell phone. This product is suitable and can be compatible to any bluetooth headsets and cell phones from many different manufacturers out there. This product will enable you to charge your devices such as cell phones and bletooth headsets by using solar power as the main source of the energy. The main posistive point of this product is it is not only compatible for a wide range of cell phones, but also a wide range of portable electronic device such as kindle products, ipad, iphone, AT&T product, cricket products, barnes & noble nook products, and also some blackberry models. You can get this product by only spending around $49.99 to get this product and you will have the portable small and lightweight charger that you can carry everywhere with you. This product has build-in flashlight that can be useful as an indicator lights that show power status and charging status.