Rule The Sky Android Game

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For any of you android game lovers and simulation game lovers, today is a good day for you because now through this article we would like to talk about the rule the sky android game, one of the interesting simulation game that run on the android platform. So, if you are a fan both for android game and simulation make sure that you won't miss to read this article because we want to introduce you to the rule the sky android game, an interesting mobile simulation game to play with your android device. So, please take your sit and enjoy our article. Let's check this out !

    Rule the sky android game is basically one of the mobile social game out there, this game enable you to rule your own flotia (floating island) in the sky together with your friends. Rule the sky is another simulation game that you can play with your android device, all for free because you can get this game without need to spend any money for it. One of the unique feature of this game is this rule the sky game is a social networking game (SNG game) that enable the player to play the game along with their friends. That is one of the most unique factor of the game.

    Another unique feature in the game is the concept of the game itself, it is no more that boring and common square blocks on the ground, because in this game you can have a floating island in the sky. It is an entirely new experience to play a game with such concept, and if you are one of the person who like to try new things, this game can give you pleasant surprise for the concept. In this game you can have five different islands that you can decorate throughout the game, starting from flotia to themed islands like glory, wonder, zombie, and flori.