Riddles & Bits Answers

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Riddles and bits answers London level 1 to 10 this is an modified crossword game, simple but addicting game for iphone and ipad user, download this game at the itunes and start to solve every question in the game, to answers a stage you must use the list of letters and we guess this can make player easier to solve each question, just rearrange the letter then if you found a word find the match question.

London 1.

they make the 747 jumbo jet : Boeing
midnight twinkler : star
pepperoni tops them : pizzas
inbox clogger : spam
the a in CIA : agency
homer Simpsons tavern : moes

London 2.
a mummy may have one : curse
break in relations : rift
allow : enable
sausage flavoured with garlic : salami
my lips : read
18-and-overs : adults

London 3.
jeans putveyor strauss : Levi
flip (coin) : toss
Jamaican music : reggae
performs on stage : acts
goes on forever : infinite
Greek sandwiches : gyros

London 4.
planetary path : oval
relating to a cultural group : ethnic
ban from law : disbar
sitcom segment : clip
eventful journeys : odysseys
terrific : super

London 5.
sir's counterpart : maam
haven't the foggiest : no clue
put under : sedate
like some anteaters : spiny
promise confidently : assure
historic Harlem theater : Apollo

London 6.
moisten anew : rewet
what two theatergoers may share : arm rest
worlds favorite soft drink : coke
fails to be : isn't
semi-visible natural satellite : half-moon
looking at lustfully perhaps : eying

London 7.
young male horse : colt
spendthrifts antithesis : miser
penne alternative : ziti
vampires accessories : capes
hunt : look around
shakes up : roils

London 8.
American pie destination : levee
squash variety : acorn
untrue : not so
Greek alphabet starter : alphas
amen (anagram) : name
like academic challenge winners : smartest

London 9.
place for pumpernickel : bread box
building near a barn : silo
apply as pressure : exert
gyroscope ring : gimbal
strong and sexy man : hunky
old 45 player : hi fi

London 10.
tape holders : spools
detergent target : dirt
Allen or Hawke : Ethan
sounds of resignation : sighs
stick : adhere
bodily hole : orifice