Recommended games for Android Phone

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With the growing popularity of android devices ranging from cell phone, tablets, and mini tablets, the software applications in the android market are getting immense popularity these days. And from these various software applications, the application for games are especially getting high popularity among android users. It is still fresh in our mind how the angry birds game become very popular on the android device. That is why right now there are so many games applications for android from various games developer. And thinking about it, your android device won't be complete without a game application in there. It is because you can play those games in your android device whenever you are bored or just need to kill some time. That is why right now we are going to give you our list about recommended games for android phone that you can install to your phone. So, let's check out our list of recommended games for android phone, here you go !

    First, we are going to introduce sprinkle. sprinkle is a puzzler game that has so many great things to offer from sounds, physics, designs, and animations of the game are having a top notch quality for a puzzler game. The next games in our list is none other than Windup Knight. Windup knight is a game that have 3D graphics interface and have an RPG or Role Playing Game touch into it. This game have a challenging gameplay, which is an amusement to those who loves challenging game. On our third list, there is Field Runner, one of our recommended android games for you. Field runner is a tower defense game that offers amazing interface, graphics, and using colorful characters that coming with a colorful weapon designs easily catch our attention as one of the most recommended games for android. So, take your pick !