Quiz Mountain Answers

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Quiz mountain answers the full solutions for the new trivia games which can be downloaded for free at the google play market. This game created with a good graphic and simple game play. When you solve a level in the game you will earn 1 credits and one step closer to the top of the mountain, that’s why the game named quiz mountain. If you have credits $15 you can use it to remove letter and add a letter, but if no more credits available see our result below. Every device will show different picture for the same level so if you want to use this cheats you can find by matching the picture.

sports green ball 6 letters : tennis
movies red face blue eyes 4 letters : cars
song & music video light blue suit 5 letters : hey ya
animals 9 letters butterfly

brands purple and orange 5 letters : FedEx
song & music women long hair red lipstick 5 letters : rehab
sports red racket 8 letters : ping pong
animal green snake 6 letters : python

TV shows brown sofa 7 letters : friends
song & music video Michael Jackson : thriller
animals web 6 letters : spider
sports white ball 8 letters : baseball

movies black hair with band 5 letters : Rambo
animals orange tail 3 letters : fox
song & music video standing shoe moon walk : Billie jean
animals sky wifi 3 letters : bat

animals black and white 5 letters : zebra
sports stick and ball 4 letters : golf
song & music video snake 12 letters : enter sandman
movie stars hat eyeglass beard 4 letters : depp