Pic Combo Answers Level 5 6 7

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Pic combo have 7 level in each level there is more than 30 stages, we create answers for level 1 to 7, separated in two post 1 to 4 and 5 to 7 if you can’t find the answer in this page you can search in our other pic combo answers page.

Level 5

stage 106: beach and saw stage 107: sleep and rain stage 108: pan and tree stage 109 ring and people
stage 110: feather and  carry stage 111: family and bag stage 112: car and card stage 113: clothes and water
stage 114: dog and shout stage 115: cake and person stage 116: pea and rooster stage 117: shocked and cake
stage 118: tea and girl stage 119: snow and food stage 120: open and down stage 121: cart and horse
stage 122: ripped and case stage 123: symbol and orange stage 124: warrior and ship stage 125: teddy bear and pan
stage 126: pig and pen stage 127: yarn and leg stage 128: rain and drops stage 129: river and line
stage 130: dog and sign stage 131: bald and back stage 132: cage and weapon stage 133: fire and man
stage 134L gold can and dirt can stage 135: worker and kid stage 136: date and crossword stage 137: thinking and granny
stage 138: sink and chart stage 139: button and box stage 140: light and worm stage 141: frost and apple
stage 142: kick and boxing stage 143: man use suit and date stage 144: storm and egg stage 145:  bean and pole
stage 146: men and scissor stage 147: can and girl stage 148: glass and farm stage 149: brad and hiding
stage 150: ripe and ship

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