Pic Combo Answers and Solutions Level 1 – 4

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This is pic combo solutions for level 1 to 4 or stage 1 to 105, this game created by Games for Friends GmbH, which develop famous game icomania. How to play pic combo is simple find the word which combined with the 2 picture shown on your screen.

Level 1

stage 1: air and line stage 2: candi and date

Level 2

stage 3 : girl with money and inside box stage 4: woman with pan and pie stage 5: coffee and bag stage 6: key and board
stage 7: expelled and ball stage 8: tent and fire stage 9: brain and wave stage 10: macaroni and cup
stage 11: toast and milk stage 12: canlde and light stage 13: lake and bowties stage 14: sky and sea
stage 15: ice and man stage 16: cat and fish stage 17: gun and fire stage 18: tooth and brush

Level 3

stage 19: tire and line stage 20: camping and back stage 21: cow and hiding stage  22: window beam and Forklift
stage 23: graduate and bicycle stage 24: drink and worker stage 25: family and sick stage 26: cow and parachute
stage 27: lemon and light stage 28: bee and witch stage 29: match and calculator stage 30: toe and hammer
stage 31: burn warrior and grass stage 32: karate and power stage 33: can and star stage 34: spices and bunny
stage 35: arm and band stage 36: hammer and pocket stage 37: sunset and father kid stage 38: gradient and owl
stage 39: sleep and boys stage 40: car and plus stage 41: key and chain stage 42: dog and mom
stage 43: statue and apple stage 44: paddle and vase stage 45: family and note stage 46: team and digging
stage 47: snow and apple stage 48: hair girl and girl face stage 49: salt and tea stage 50: handcuffs and bee
stage 51: dating and book stage 52: shopping and forklift stage 53: ant and circus stage 54: girl and farm
stage 55: waterfall and globe stage 56: bulb and house stage 57: case and book stage 58: paint and fight
stage 59: hear and phones

Level 4

stage 60: candle and stick stage 61: tent and cat stage 62: house key and student stage 63: truck and girl stop
stage 64: band and man scale stage 65: man and board stage 66 studio and paper stage 67: gun and cracker
stage 68: baby and back stage 69: eagle and fall stage 70: bath and king stage 71: pig and safe
stage 72: sea and line stage 73: brain and umbrella stage 74: tent and coffee sack stage 75: broken and hall
stage 76: jump and ice stage 77: love and back stage 78:draw and mirror stage 79: muscle man and box
stage 80: thumb and book stage 81: moisture and check stage 82: soap and dragon boxing stage 83: sky and wiper
stage 84: hair and tooth brush stage 85: dart and board stage 86: music and case stage 87: jail and bell
stage 88: car and port stage 89: scale and road stage 90: watch and track stage 91: wood and 1 ton
stage 92: cart and granny stage 93: river and money sacks stage 94: tower and chase amn stage 95: mom and hoodie
stage 96: tea and spoon sugar stage 97: punch and driving stage 98: stop and telescoping stage 99: bed and bug
stage 100: airport and small house stage 101: cow and hand stage 102: guitar and Christmas decorations stage 103: drawing and meeting
stage 104: couple and food stage 105: man and golf

level 1 to 4 pic combo solutions completed, this game can be downloaded from itunes or google play market if you don’t have it. To get complete answers for this game you can visit levelstuck.com