My Country Android Game Review

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Using an android device is one of the top choice among many people rather than using another device that come with different operating system other than android. Android, an operating system that was developed by Google, is one of the operating system that provide you a limitless number of applications that you can install on the phone. And whenever we say android applications, we can not leave games applications on the android device. It is because gaming applications are usually one of the most popular applications in the android devices, along with other popular applications like multimedia applications and office applications.

And today we would like to talk more about the games applications for android device. Through this article we would like to give you some reviews you to one of the most interesting android game that you install in your android device. Today we would like to share you the My Country android game review. By this My Country android game review we will talk about the my country game in general along with the pros and cons about this game. My country is another simulation game for android device that is made from the same developers of Paradise Island. In this game you will be able to build things like people, land, buildings, companies, and more. If you like game like cityville or farmville, this My Country game can be a good choice for you to play on your android device.

As for the pros and cons of the game we found that for the positive sides this game has nice graphics, good game play that ideal for a simulation game, lots of interesting details, and one of the vast game that some with hundreds of ventures and tasks to complete in the game. And for the negative sides this game do not have true autonomy and some of the on-screen options are too tiny in display, make it bit difficult to touch on the screen.

My Country Game Preview