March 05 06 07 2015 Red Herring Daily Puzzle Answers

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Red herring is a simple word game and this is the question for Mar 05 06 07 : front, constellations, athletes, Bermuda, perfect, social, wood party things, junk food. Same like 7 little words tis game created by blue ox technologies an word game expert developer. Red herring is multi platform game so you can play both in iOS and android smartphone , but this time I use itouch to complete the game. Many people think that this game are too easy but I don’t think so, you must play this daily puzzle to know that this game is not easy and fun.

Mar 05 red Herring daily puzzle

Front : Page Wheel-Drive Runner Line
Constellations : Water-Snake Lynx Little-Bear Archer
Athletes : Golfer Jockey Swimmer Skier
Red Herring : Checkers Goldilocks Circle Backgammon

Mar 06 red herring daily puzzle

Bermuda : Triangle Grass Shorts Rig
Perfect : Square Storm Season Strangers
Social : Circle Class Butterfly Media
Red Herring : Year Pentagon Shoes Mass

Mar 07 red herring daily puzzle

Wood : Shavings Shop Paneling Tick
Party Things : Noisemakers Balloons Games Favors
Junk Food : Ice-Cream Fries Chips Cake
Red Herring : Collar Discount Tile Linoleum