How to Download Android apps from Google play via PC

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Internet Quota limited on cell phone can make us lazy to download the app directly from Google's play, as we know the 3G Internet data packets are still quite expensive, therefore we have chosen to download a android application using a PC, because our personal computer connected to the internet without quota limit.

There is a trick to download apps on Google's play through the computer, just follow this steps:

1. Make sure your computer has installed Chrome Browser
2. Download and install the application device ID from your mobile from Google Play

3. Install APK Downloader for Chrome here

4. Disable SSL error warning on chrome how to right click on the shortcut of chrome on the rear Chrome.exe the target field add "- ignore-certificate-errors".

5. Go to page APK downloader, enter your email address, password, and device ID, and after a successful login, click save settings

6. Open Google Play using Chrome search application that you want to download and click on the icon APK downloader in the top right corner of the address bar. if the application has been successfully downloaded, the icon will turn green.

If the file successfully downloaded you can copy to the phone or tablet using the microSD then you can install the APK through filemanager.