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House of riddles answers pack 1 to 6 a new riddles game for iPhone and ipad. You can play this game all day long because there’s many riddles available in this game pack 1 contains 50, pack 2-6 contains 80 riddles. Pack 1 is the easiest riddles but in pack 2 to 5 we guess you need many credits to solve the riddles, so when no more credits available to use you must buy a credits using in app store. If you doesn't have credit card or debit card you can’t buy a credit to continue playing house of riddles, but if you use our cheats all level will be solved fast and easy.

House of Riddles Pack 1

Bed : something square or rectangular with sheets that is slept on
TV : something that people like to watch
Oven : something that gets very hot and is used to make a cake
Flag : something usually rectangular in shape and made of fabric with colors and patterns and attached to a wooden stick
Spoon : something used to stir a stew
Pizza : something round and made of flour and tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven
Scarf : something made of fabric that is worn around the neck in cold weather or for fashion
Snail : something that crawls slowly on the ground and carries its house on its back
Mouse : something small named after a rodent that sits next to a computer
Acorn : something that is small and brown and produced by an oak tree and a favorite of squirrels
Guitar : something made of wood and strings that is strummed in order to play music
Remote : something used to control the TV or other gadgets from a distance
Seesaw : something that is found on playgrounds and has a long narrow plank the ends of which serve as seats for children
Gloves : something made of leather or cloth that is worn on the hands for warmth or for fashion
Helmet : something made of hard plastic worn on the head when riding a motorcycle
Playpen : something made of vertical wooden bars and is placed on the floor and is a place for children to play
Mittens : something made of wool that is worn on hands in cold weather but that does not have places for individual fingers
Battery : something that is used in place of electricity to supply power to gadgets like remote controls
Bow tie : something that is tied around a man's neck and often worn with a tuxedo
Mattress : something square or rectangle that is soft and covered in fabric and is placed on top of box springs
Unicycle : something with one wheel and a seat that is pedaled as a form of transportation
Ice cube : something that is made of frozen water and put in beverages to make them cold
Bathrobe : something made of cloth that hangs in a bathroom and has a belt and can be worn after bathing
Backpack : something used by students to carry books and other school items
Aquarium : something clear in which pet fish live
Placemat : something made of cloth or vinyl on which plates and cutlery are placed on the dining room table
Envelope : something that contains a letter and has a stamp in the corner
Pine cone : something that is produced by evergreen trees and is round or conical and is made of brown scales
Coat rack : something made of wood that stands near an entrance and is used to hold outer garments
Bookshelf : something with flat surfaces that holds books
Yardstick : something made of wood that is used to measure three feet
Piggy bank : something made out of porcelain that stores coins and looks like a barnyard animal
Tooth paste : something in a tube to help keep teeth clean
Easter egg : something that is hard-boiled and then colored and hidden during a springtime holiday
Light bulb : something that is made of glass and has a filament inside and when connected to electricity produces light
Model ship : something that has sails and is sometimes placed in a bottle
Blow dryer : something with a nozzle and electric cord that helps to dry hair
DVD player : something that is connected to a TV and uses a round object to play TV shows and movies
Ice skates : something made of leather and metal and worn to have fun when a lake is frozen
Snow shoes : something that looks like tennis rackets and are worn on the feet to enable one to walk on top of cold white powder
Clothes pin : something made of wood or plastic and metal that is used to attach clothes to a clothesline
Soap bar : something found in a dish next to the sink and is used to clean one's hands
Snow shovel : something made of wood and metal that is used to remove cold white powder from a sidewalk or driveway
Soda siphon : something shaped like a cylinder out of which a liquid can be spayed to make a drink
Conch shell : something from the beach that makes sounds when held up to one's ear
Rubber band : something made of a stretchy material used to hold things together
Paper towels : something made of paper that comes on a roll
Light switch : something that is found on a wall and is used to turn bulbs on and off
Hockey stick : something that is used to hit a puck
Swimming cap : something made of rubber that is worn to keep one's hair dry while splashing in a body of water
Traffic cone : something bright orange used to prevent cars from parking in certain areas
Canister : something that is used to store sugar, flour, and other dry ingredients
Tape : something that is sticky on one side and is used to attach one item like a piece of paper to another like a wall
Diamond ring : something round and made of gold or another precious metal and the hardest gemstone on earth
Butterfly net : something used to catch butterflies
Shopping cart : something that has four wheels and is found in a supermarket and is used to carry food items to the front of the store
Ironing board : something upon which clothes are placed while removing wrinkles from them
Bushel basket : something that is made of thin pieces of wood and is used to hold fruit like apples
Folding chair : something made of metal and canvas or plastic that can be sat upon or easily folded up and stored
Ice cream cone : something that is made from a hard edible wafer in a conical shape and contains a sweet frozen dairy product
Extension cord : something long and wrapped in rubber that connects electronic equipment to distant outlets

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