Guess the Text Answers Chapter 1 2 Game by Sangguunyoo

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Guess the text answers for the first two chapter, this game will be easy to solve if you’re active in a chat room like using MIRC, Facebook, Whatsapp and other chat apps but for others this game little bit difficult and maybe you need a cheats to solve some question, this answers created for newbie like me that only know mean for some famous text like LOL, BRB, l8. Guess the text only available for iPhone, ipad and iPod  but you can found another game similar with guess the text in Google play store.

chapter 1

omg mean oh my God
lol mean laugh out loud
xoxo mean hugh and kisses
2moro mean tomorrow

jk mean just kidding
cu mean see you
gbu mean God bless you
kis mean keep it simple

plz mean please
ruok? mean are you okay
selfie mean self portrait
rt mean retweet

l8r mean later
ily mean i love you
bestie mean best friend
bf mean boyfriend

smh mean shaking my head
b4n mean bye for now
2nite mean tonight
pov mean point of view

chapter 2

@wrk mean at work
lulz mean laughing
brb mean be right back
ppl mean people

qt mean cutie
weg mean wicked evil grin
swak mean sent with a kiss
t+;) mean think positive

4e mean forever
?4u mean question for you
wth mean what the heck
muah mean kiss

sup? mean what's up
k mean okay
l8 mean late
thx mean thanks

u2 mean you too
zzz mean bored
qpsa mean que pasa
jic mean just in case

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