Guess the Selfie Answers

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Guess the selfie answers a simple solutions for this fun game, not all photo in this game are famous person or character so we hope this cheats could help beginner pass several difficult face when no more credits available. Same with the other guessing game before using a cheats or other player answers you can use hints and it cost 1 credit per hints, sometimes player too often use their credits so, when a real difficult face appear they cannot continue playing the game.

level 1. X Men
level 2. Batman
level 3. Toy Story
level 4. Bieber
level 5. Will Smith

level 6. Lady Gaga
level 7. Darth Vader
level 8. Homer
level 9. Obama
level 10. John Cena

level 11. Lebron James
level 12. Katy Perry
level 13. Superman
level 14. Mariah Carey
level 15. Tom Cruise

level 16. Minion
level 17. Freddy
level 18. Spock
level 19. Mickey Mouse
level 20. Baseball

level 21. James Franco
level 22. Beyonce
level 23. Wonder Women
level 24. David Beckham
level 25. Kate Upton

level 26. David Cooper
level 27. Captain America
level 28. Family Guy
level 29. Little Mermaid
level 30. Kanye West

level 31. Donald Duck
level 32. Mona Lisa
level 33. Simpsons
level 34. Jimmy Fallon
level 35. Snow White

level 36. Brad Pitt
level 37. Stalin
level 38. Adam Levine
level 39. Batgirl
level 40. Jason

level 41. Jessica Alba
level 42. Poison Ivy
level 43. Scooby Doo
level 44. Selena Gomez
level 45. Bruno Mars

level 46. Thor
level 47. Jude Law
level 48. Kelly Brook
level 49. Snoop Dogg
level 50. Linsay Lohan