Find The Line Cheats

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We just try a new game with our ipod touch 5 generation, this new game named find the lines, at first we though this game will be just like another draw game which is boring all the time, but find the lines is different this is the most challenging draw game that we ever try to play, may be when you try the first 5 you don’t get the feel but we recommend that you continue play more than 20 level, then you will know how difficult to find the right lines, it need a wide imagination and little luck of course.

Here’s our result when playing this game until level 25, don't forget to collect key and star because to continue playing you need more than 3 key and 5 stars.


Find the line games is totally fun right? if you agree with me please rate the game, leave a comments or share the game with friends in your circle.

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