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Today we want to continue creating Escape Through History walkthrough for level 6 to 10, but before read the cheats we want to say Happy new year hope this year will be better than yesterday and gadget become cheaper so everybody can buy and play a good game in their android, iphone or windows phone. Ok let’s check our guide.

level 6. go to table pick up cup, move to bed and pick up math compass, go to table and use compass at map found letter AFR ( remember this letters ), pick up pipe below sack, go to treasure chest use code AFR to open, pick up sword and use sword to open hole at the wine barrel then put pipe on the hole and use cup to pick up wine go to ship painting use wine to it, now you have number 270 0 90 180,to know this number mean go to ship wheel ( compass ) start from N  + 270 degree : W, 0  = N, 90 = E, 180 = S. now go to book shelf and tap book with first letter W-N-E-S ( wars, navy, England, Spain ) pick up key and open the door.

level 7. go to desk and pick up cutter, tap chair under the desk use cutter to open box then pick up saw clamp, tap roller skates and pick up shoelace, pick up magnet at the shelf above red table go to pile of tires, combine magnet and shoelace to pick a saw inside pile now combine saw and clamp, go to bicycle use saw to cut pipe, sue pipe from bicycle at the ladder, tap switch above ladder and pick up remote. go to table near pile of tires remember the number on paper : 1395, you can't use this number to open door because the position is not right tap television above red table : see the graph now arrange the number same with graph : 1539, go to door use remote to open and insert number 1539.

level 8. tap bed and pick up cloth, tap bucket below the bed then put cloth into bucket, tap body armor on the floor use cloth to rub it and remember the number 2 white, 6 red, 5 green, change view see the shield color now rearrange the number by the shields color 5, 2, 6. use this number to open treasure box and pick up hammer. tap right statue above treasure box, use hammer to hit the hand and pick up paper, change view and go to right torch, burn paper and then back to the shields, lit on the candle and change view a while then see the candle remember candle height. tap small table near head statue ( bald ) set the stone height same with the candle then pick up key and use to open door.

level 9. tap plant on the corner and pick up gloves, use gloves to pick up bulb at table lamp near bed, tap corner lamp behind white sofa then put the bulb, remember the number CHGG, tap machine beside the plant and change letter to CHGG, and pick up file change view then tap painting beside door, and complete the puzzle and open safe behind using file, pick up ink then go to desk with white paper and use ink on it, remember the letters : LLRLR, change view then tap button beside  mirror tap left, left, right, left, right. open small box under the button and pick up a key, use it to open door.

level 10. tap desk and pick up brush, change view tap right lantern above box, and pick up lens, tap small table in front the man painting ( vitruvian man ), pick up knife then tap kite above door and use knife to cut a part of paper, combine paper with the lens go to telescope and put the lens, tap telescope and see 4 planet, remember the color and position ( purple, orange, green, blue ). go to small table in front of monalisa painting then change palette color same with the planets, then use brush on it tap monalisa painting and use brush to reveal a letters : FRNZ, tap lantern above book shelf remember the picture (red paint). change view and tap vitruvian man painting, and change hands and legs color same with clue above bookshelf, then tap painting it will open a secret brick to open this hole change the letter to FRNZ, pick up key then open door.

We already create 10 cheats for escape through history but it’s separated into two post, if you just complete this level and need walkthrough for level 11 to 15 just find it below on related post.

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