Escape Through History Level 1 2 3 4 5

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Escape through history walkthrough level 1 to 5, this not only the way to win this game but very useful when you stuck and cannot find the clue so we hope you can solve a difficult level in this game and not stop playing because not all level are difficult to solve it just need a bit of luck and big curiosity :) 

Escape through history level 1. Tap a paper at the table remember the number 1140, tap corner lamp facing jar pick up a wood stick, go to small table open  drawer with code 1140, pick up a key find black safe box on the floor then open it use the key, pick up axe and combine it with the stick, go to door use axe to cut handcuffs

Escape through history level 2. Tap notice board on the wall, remember the purple square position then go to computer tap button same with purples square position : top left, middle bottom, top right. pick up screwdriver go to cupboard remember the pencil color then open a blue container using screwdriver ( there's 4 bolt) pick up a handle use this handle at drawer beside elevator, pick up match use it at burner under the "top secret" word pick up a key use this key to open cabinet under the blue container / pencil then set color to red, yellow, green and blue, pick up card and use to open elevator

Escape through history level 3. Pick up small stick at the corner beside door, pick up torch above the leather on the floor, tap arrow to change view then tap wood log and pick up feather, go to corner and pick up axe, change view then tap firewood put feather and stick, burn the torch change view then lit up to other torch on the wall, use axe to cut leather under the torch and tap the symbol (to open hole), pick up other leather inside the hole that's key code use to solve code behind the torch : 235614, use this to open door.

Escape through history level 4. Pick up small ladder and drill behind cube, change view then tap a robot, pick up drill battery and remember letters ATE have different color (satellite54), tap brown box on the floor open it with code ATE, pick up night vision, change view tap round window behind cube, open bolt using drill remember the planet size : 3241, now tap control computer in the middle and change bar to 3241, now remember the bolt position on the screen : vertical, horizontal, right, left. Change view put ladder under the ventilation, change bolt direction to : vertical, horizontal, right, left. use night vision to see in the dark, pick up a card and use it to open door above brown box.

Escape through history level 5. Go to table pick up knife, change view use knife to cut Norway map ( middle ) pick up a hook, tap helmet on the floor and cut helmet fastener then combine with the hook. Go to table and pick up wire, change view tap box on the corner use hook to pick a key, change view open drawer on the table use the key pick up piece of paper and remember the code 75HC, now use wire to connect rotary dial with radio and tap rotary dial 75HC / 7583.