Escape Quest Walkthrough

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Escape Quest Walkthrough Level 15.


pick up blue button at the table, tap map at the wall and put blue button at the missing part, then correct the map with wrong button color (in blue, brown, gray, and green continent) until secret safe open and pick up the letter CNHD, tap desk under the map and put the letters CNHD on list, now move all letter CNHD to left then tap top CNHD x2, middle CNHD x5 now pick up 2 Buddha's, go to right round table and pick up pen, go to middle round table put pen in the middle and Buddha's at squares, tap left Buddha x1, right Buddha x2 then tap pen, pick up key use key to open briefcase above chair  and pick up small flag, tap another briefcase at the floor to open this briefcase is no clue available but you can guess it because the left number is locked so you must try 99 numbers :), but we just do it for you the correct number is 873, open and pick up another flag. go to computer desk tap the monitor change top row to 6, 13 and bottom row to 5, 10, now put the flag above the computer yellow, white, blue it will open cabinet and remember the number 6348, insert this number into the monitor, then see tracks on floor leads to plant go to plant and pick up key, back to the computer insert key into white box beside keyboard then the doors open, go to water dispenser and tap door.

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