Escape Quest Walkthrough

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Escape Quest Walkthrough Level 13.

Pick up bulb above the pool, tap square chair and pick up USB hub and silver key, tap blue sofa near window and pick up gold key, open rear car with silver key then tap red button until all change to green the sequence similar with letter M, now connect all green cable under the button if success the engine will starting, put bulb at the right car light, go to pool table pick up stick then use to hit white ball then see pocket and remember ball number 3 2 5 in the pocket, and shadow number 7 above heater so now you have 7325 number  go to car and use gold key to open door, tap safe and insert 7325 and pick up USB stick, go to ipad at the sofa connect USB hub and plug USB stick, use note beside ipad to solve the puzzle top row = F = 1, E = 2, T = 3, A = 4 : FETA, middle row = 8 = 1, 6 = 2, 1 = 3, 3 = 4 : 8613, bottom row YBRG then the result is 7425, use this code to open door.

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