Escape Quest Walkthrough

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Escape Quest Walkthrough Level 12.

Pick up dart then use to blow balloon and pick up coins at the floor, use coin at video game then complete the pipe puzzle, pick up yellow paper then put at the cubic game at the wall, now make the yellow color at same line ( diagonal ) pick up dart board middle part then put at the dart board now set the number to 31-16-5-1, 24-12-6-4, 16-8-4-3, 8-4-2-2 at same line then tap the middle dart board and secret keypad show, now pick up cutter at the chess board, pick up present at left and right screen, open it using cutter now you have telescope and lens, combine  it the put at the tripod, tap telescope to see code QC3, use this code at the dartboard secret keypad then pick up queen and pick up at the chess board C3 to get another key, use key to open door.

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