Escape 10 Magic Rooms or Escape Match Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Escape 10 magic room walkthrough level 1 to 10 this game also known as escape match or in android named escape challenge, this is not a new game just repacked and has a new name so if you feel ever play a game similar with this then you’re right because last year I just post a walkthrough for other game that similar with this, I will share the guide to make you complete escape 10 magic rooms easier . I play this game using ipod touch 5 generation and iOS 7 installed without bug or error found while playing the game.


level 1
1. get code at bottom drawer 2134
2. open top drawer get a flashlight
3. use flashlight to get key under sofa
4. use key to open door

level 2
1. look at the clock see 0235
2. go to table, open top drawer using code 0235, pick up key
3. use key to open right cabinet, pick up orange half circle at top, tap bottom cabinet see clue 2103, tap middle cabinet then tap to open set
button tap x2, x1, don't tap, x3. go back then tap above box and pick up square
4.go to table put all shape at the drawer, pick up key then open door

level 3
1. find every number in the room : 3 yellow, 2 red, 4 blue, 5 green
2. pick up screwdriver on right cabinet
3. use screwdriver to open egg on left shelf, get 1st key
4. open box at floor using code 5243, get 2nd key
5. open secret container at floor using 1st key and get 3rd key
6. open right cabinet using 2nd key, open round container using 3rd key and get 4th key
7. open door using 4th key

level 4
1. pick up pliers near bottle
2. pick up 1st triangle behind car at shelf
3. go to pyramid open with code 168 = 12*14, pick up USB stick
4. go to table with green plant, use USB stick to open right drawer, pick up hook
5. go to white table, use hook to open secret container under the table, use pliers to get key
6. go to table with plant, open left drawer using key, pick up 2nd triangle
7. go to bottle then put all triangle at box
8. use remote to open green vent near white table, pick up key then use to open door

level 5
1. tap box at left corner, open using code top 1346 bottom 3641, pick up 1st egg
2. tap curtain complete jigsaw / puzzle get 2nd egg
3. tap skull change eye into 3 stripe and circle, get a key
4. open pyramid using key and get 3rd egg
5. put all egg at stand in the middle room and tap handle, pick up key and open door

level 6
1. pick up key behind printer @ small table
2. use key to open drawer at TV table, pick up remote and hour hand
3. use remote to turn on TV see clue 9 3 12
4. pick up paper at the basket under TV see 3147
5. tap colorful snail find color for 3147 : orange, yellow, red, blue
6. open drawer beside bed using color orange, yellow, red, blue, pick up handle
7. use handle to open secret box beside snail pick up blue button
8. go to chest pick up red button
9. tap box beside electric plug / bed, put all button then tap above box, put hour hand then set all clock to 9 3 and 12, open box and ger a key
10. use key to open chest, pick up key and open door

level 7
1. tap corner lamp and pick up 1st screw
2. tap painting see clue
3. tap toy under sofa, set the circle same with clue, get 2nd screw
4. open vent under bookshelf using screw, pick up screwdriver
5. use screwdriver to open top drawer (under shelf) pick up key
6. use key to open left cabinet, open cabinet D = 4, C = 3 (alphabetical) 44 * 3 = 132, pick up key then open door.

level 8
1. tap right cupboard, open top cabinet using code 5483, pick up shape, tap bottom cabinet tap left circle x3, middle x4, bottom x1. open it and pick up  2nd shape
2. put shape at mold beside the cupboard match it
3. tap left cupboard complete puzzle to open top cabinet and pick up shape, open bottom cabinet using code 32154, pick up shape
4. put shape at mold beside cupboard
5. tap middle tesla reactor, tap ceiling open box and get a key, open door

level 9
1. tap left box see number 2131
2. tap right cupboard open top cabinet using code 2131, pick up wrench
3. find 4 shape square, circle, triangle, pentagon & remember it's color, open bottom cupboard by changing the shape color then pick up bucket
4. use wrench to open secret container beside faucet, pick up key
5. use key to open cage and pick up faucet handle
6. use handle at the faucet
7. fill bucket with water from faucet, use water to raise key in the middle room beside yellow triangle (x4 times until you can reach key) use it to open door

level 10.
1. tap cabinet with clock, tap clock to see clue 2479, open cabinet using code 2479, pick up can opener
2. tap speaker at left table use opener to open can, pick up magnet
3. tap left painting to see clue, open safe under painting using the clue,  pick up 1 shape
4. go to right shelf, complete jigsaw / puzzle tap teddy, slide yarn until you can get it, combine yarn and magnet
5. go to middle room, use magnet to pick up 2nd shape
6. go to left wall then put all shape tap plank, pick up key
7. go to wall with green symbol ( its reversed and mirrored number 1372)
8. use code 1372 to open box under the symbol, new box appear open it using key, get another key then open door

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