Emoji Quiz Answers

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Emoji quiz by appo answers from the first level to 40, same with other emoji quiz game you can use hint, remove letter or skip level if you have a credits but not easy to get a credits if you play without using cheats or answers from other player result, you can buy the credits through the apps before using our cheats but it’s need a credit cards. This emoji quiz answers created for player that doesn’t use credit or other payment to buy in app credits but still want  to complete the game.

level 1. cat woman
level 2. Christmas
level 3. kung Fu panda
level 4. toilet paper

level 5. rocket man
level 6. band
level 7. Facebook
level 8. James bond

level 9. time
level 10. cards
level 11. detective
level 12. doctor

level 13. cow and chicken
level 14. snake two
level 15. money
level 16. werewolf

level 17. BP
level 18. Winnie the pooh
level 19. traffic light
level 20. desert

level 21. weather
level 22. chicken run
level 23. planet of the apes
level 24. pets

level 25. chocolate ice cream
level 26. holiday
level 27. lock
level 28. candy

level 29. fall
level 30. fire fox
level 31. alcohol
level 32. fast food

level 33. ice ice baby
level 34. public transport
level 35. cars
level 36. titanic

level 37. fireman
level 38. dirty dancing
level 39. up
level 40. sunday