Emoji Phrase Answers Level 2

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Emoji phrase answers level 2 stage 16 to 30, this game is different from other emoji game so you can’t use the answers from another game, but sometimes wordsolver apps can help you solve a level without using a hints, at the beginning you have 6 hints and 2 skip level, if you use all of your hints and skip at the first level then we guaranteed you won’t be able to complete higher level without suing a cheats so use it when no more answers / cheats available.

emoji phrase 16. quote : run forest run
emoji phrase 17. quote : you can't handle the truth
emoji phrase 18. quote : i'll be back
emoji phrase 19. idiom : run like a chicken wit it's heat cut off

emoji phrase 20. lyrics: who let the dogs out
emoji phrase 21. idiom : you can't judge a books by it's cover
emoji phrase 22. idiom : kill 2 birds with one stone
emoji phrase 23. lyrics : i want to hold your hand

emoji phrase 24. idiom : leave a bad word in your mouth
emoji phrase 25. idiom : hold your horses
emoji phrase 26. idiom : back to the drawing board
emoji phrase 27. lyrics : i'm singing in the rain

emoji phrase 28. quote : i have a dream
emoji phrase 29. lyrics : pretty girl walking down the street
emoji phrase 30. lyrics : when a man loves a woman