Emoji Phrase Answers Level 1

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Emoji phrase play now answers level 1 contains challenging 15 stage, how to play emoji phrase is very simple see the picture then fill the blank line, with words related to the category : idioms, lyrics, quote. Not all stages easy to solve sometimes you need a cheats to solve some level, that’s normal because an word game experts sometimes need other player to help.

emoji phrase 1. idiom : that's a piece of cake
emoji phrase 2. idiom : it's rain cloud cats and dogs
emoji phrase 3. idiom : money doesn't grow on trees
emoji phrase 4. idiom : give me a five

emoji phrase 5. idiom : don't 123 your chicken before hatch
emoji phrase 6. idiom : finger are what finger food
emoji phrase 7. idiom : punch fire with fire
emoji phrase 8. idiom : let's call it a day

emoji phrase 9. quote : mama always said life was like a box of chocolate
emoji phrase 10. lyrics : somewhere over the rainbow
emoji phrase 11. quote : there's no place like home
emoji phrase 12. idiom : a mountain is worth a 1000 words

emoji phrase 13. quote : E.T call home
emoji phrase 14. idiom : the best of both world
emoji phrase 15. idiom : the calm before storm