Doors & Rooms Game Review

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Ever wondered how it feels like to be trapped inside a room ? Well, the doors & rooms game will give you the picture on how it feels like to be trapped inside the room and you need to solve some puzzles in order to get out from the room. And now we would like to give you doors & rooms game review to read. We decide to give you doors & rooms game review because we realize that nowadays puzzle game are getting more popularity and a long line of puzzle games developed by the game developer have been flooding and populating the iOS and android market. So, let's check out our review for the doors & rooms game, here you go!

    This doors & rooms game is another escape-game kind of thing for apple devices and android devices that is developed by Gameday, the same creator of Escape the Room : Limited time. This doors & rooms game kind of different with another game where you need to shake the device in order to escape from the room. This doors & rooms game goes for the more traditional approach for solving the puzzle. In solving the puzzle provided in the game your logic, memory, and quick thinking will be tested in order to solve the puzzle and set the puzzle into one entity together. Your ability to pay any attention on this game will also be tested, the more you pay attention to the little details in the game the better and easier it will be. This game also have an interesting twist for the game, because this doors & rooms game can make your character to experience death in the game, so do not be surprised if later you will hear some sounds similar to the bomb ticking in the background. You can play this game on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices. In short, this doors & rooms is a good game in general with some really good puzzles to solve and have fantastic look.

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