Dooors Walkthrough Level 1 to 20

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Dooors walkthrough is the solution for game dooors which very famous for iphone, ipod and ipad user. since this game now available for android so we try to play and create the walkthrough just for help other player to continue when they can’t go through. Dooors is simple escape game all you need is open the door but every door have different way to open its need a little trick, and this will make you addicted to play more and more but when you can’t solve one door we create the solution here.

Level 1: tap door handles Level 2: tilt phone left
Level 3: tilt to move ball, pick up key and use to open door Level 4: pull handle
Level 5: tap left light stand pick door handle use it to door, then tap door Level 6: tap switch 6 times until all lamp green
Level 7: Tap left button black white black, right button white black white. Level 8: pick up red pin, slide door left
Level 9: tap right circle equate rounds with left, when 2 small circle become green tap door quickly Level 10: shake your phone left and right, when the fire off tap fire wood pick up handle, use it at left hole then tap
Level 11: use pin above middle door, then slide door up Level 12: tap left button black red red and right button red white black
Level 13: tap left fire, tap door use fire to burn spider web Level 14: tap handle set from higher to lower
Level 15: pick up bomb, put in front door then burn it using torch see clue, tap handle: left right left left left right right Level 16: face down your phone and tap door
Level 17: point left clock to 11 and right clock to 7 Level 18: tap button quickly until ball touch the top
Level 19: slide left and right door up, then pick up orange ball, slide all door down use the ball to hit button on top Level 20: mirror the left circle with the right circle