Crappy Face Quiz Answers Level 1 – 2

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Crappy face quiz answers an unique face guessing game, if other game use a good graphic or photos for a game then it’s a ordinary game because this game use an ugly draw for this quiz, of course it make more difficult to guess but very addicting. In this game you will found celebrity face, cartoon character and movie character, not easy to solve every level in this game so this crappy face quiz answers will help every player that has no more credits to use.

Crappy face quiz level 1

level 1-1. Megamind
level 1-2. Obama
level 1-3. Mr peanut
level 1-4. Squidward

level 1-5. homer
level 1-6. slash
level 1-7. miss piggy
level 1-8. wall e

level 1-9. judge dredd
level 1-10. Inigio montonya
level 1-11. snoopy
level 1-12. obi wan

level 1-13. fresh prince
level 1-14. Kramer
level 1-15. bender
level 1-16. tom cruise

level 1-17. jaws
level 1-18. Sean Connery
level 1-19. Christopher w
level 1-20. saddam

Crappy face quiz level 2

level 2-1. frylock
level 2-2. Benjamin
level 2-3. stewie
level 2-4. Arnold

level 2-5. speed racer
level 2-6. Lisa
level 2-7. fred
level 2-8. stitch

level 2-9. ra pappa
level 2-10. Flanders
level 2-11. bob Marley
level 2-12. frank zappa

level 2-13. Grinch
level 2-14. weird al
level 2-15. the dude
level 2-16. Hannibal

level 2-17. yakko
level 2-18. jar jar
level 2-19. leela
level 2-20. Freddy