Clue Pics Cheats Level 1 to 50

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Clue pics is a picture guessing game we already try more than 50 level of this game and want to post 50  level clue pics cheats, this game is not easy for beginner or kids most of the player is teen and above, but if you want to try this game you can download it for free at Google Play store, then if you found a difficult level you can use this cheats for help.

Famous People : Movie :

Tom cruise
Justin Bieber
Jim Carrey
Celine Dion
Elton John
Sharon stone
Morgan freeman
Usain bolt

Men in black
The dark knight
Final destination
The lion king
American pie
Total recall
Iron man
Casino royale
The day after tomorrow
Gone in sixty second
Face off
The evil dead
The matrix Reloaded
Air force one
Toy story
Broken arrow
Independence day
Oceans eleven

Landmark : Saying :

Niagara falls
White house
Big Ben
Great wall of china
Eiffel tower
Times Square
Leaning tower of Pisa
Empire state building
Great pyramid

Fingers Crossed
Below par
Search up
An open mind
No pain no gain
In the hot seat
Do or die
Missing link
Green with envy

Above is the clue pics cheats for level 1 to 50, this game level is not same in every device so you can find the answers by category above.