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Can you escape 2 walkthrough level 5 to 8 this is the second part or our guide for this game the first part are posted two days a go and you can find it below at the related post, can you escape 2 have 8 level and all level are challenging and possible to solve so we hope all player not stuck and stop playing this game. Because we just done all below is the cheats when you stuck

level 5. go to book shelf tap cup then pick up flashlight, go to table use ipad and play simple game remember the gold star position, go to small table in front white screen, pick up magnifier then go to map and use magnifier to see a number 2643, tap left side of book shelf ( there's small box ) use number 2643 to open and pick up film go to projector in front of white screen then use film, turn off the light and tap projector twice, remember shirt color : cyan red, blue. tap shelf in front of map pick up wrench and use it to open ventilation below it use flashlight then tap star which have same position you see in the game and change the lines color to cyan, red, blue then pick up key and use to open door.

level 6. tap small container above left drum, open and tap red plane remember the diamond and square position, open drawer beside plane pick up ring, tap elephant under the plane pick up tusks, use tusks to open drum and pick up powder tap right drum beside sofa, use powder to see used number then tap all dark number and pick up heart, use ring to open bottom drawer and remember dots position, use this to open refrigerator and pick up bottle, tap elephant paint on the wall and remember the wheel direction, tap djimbe ( small drum) on the table and remember the wheel direction, change view then tap speaker and remember the wheel direction, now tap case on the floor set wheel direction then pick up car wheel inside tap painting on the wall above TV, set the diamond / square position same with you see under the plane and pick up another wheel, now tap cabinet beside red sofa, put wheel on each car and water into tube, heart to teddy then sum all weight : 1861 use this code to open door.

level 7. go to desk tap bottom drawer and pick up fish food and remember red track, tap stove above desk remember yellow track, tap elephant painting behind chimp, remember the green track, go to leopard cage, tap right cage and remember the blue track, tap aquarium and insert the food see the number inside aquarium 7583, now open cabinet below the elephant painting set the track color, pick up banana and give it to chimp so you got a key, use key to open white box beside door and pick up frozen meat, now open top drawer on the desk use the code 7583 and pick up match open cabinet beside leopard, slide red and yellow tank then pick up butane can, now go to stove above desk put meat and butane into stove and lit on, pick up meat and put into leopard cage ( right side) now pick up card inside right leopard cage, use this card at the ipad above the cage now complete the puzzle ( zebra ) now open the leopard cage now set color circle to the right position ( same with line ) tap 1st x2, 2nd x2, 3rd x3 then push the button.

level 8. go to desk, tap lego and pick up cog wheel, turn on desk lamp and see the number 2436 use this number to open drawer tap button 1st x1, 2nd x1, 3rd x4 , 4th x2 then pick up door handle, use this handle to open panel beside door and pick up battery, now back to desk an insert battery into led beside cup, tap led and count the light 3 2 4 5, go to bed and open case using the color from led : green 3, yellow 2, red 4, blue 5, pick up another cog wheel. tap trash beside the desk and pick up ticket, change view tap white board and pick up it's stand, tap lottery ticket at the shelf and then scratch it remember the number 3624, use this number to open safe under the lottery ticket, pick up magnet and combine with whiteboard stand, change view insert ticket into yellow box, tap door then use magnet to pick up another cog wheel outside the door, now open panel on the wall put small cog at bottom right, medium cog wheel at left, biggest cog wheel at the middle.

We never feel this happy after completing each level in can you escape 2, this game make you think logic and more patient to find any solutions that possible, and we hope developer will add more level in this week so we can solve it together.

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