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A new version of can you escape just done today and now we want to post our can you escape 2 walkthrough to help anybody that cannot solve this game at their android or iphone, this sequel uploaded in past 7 days but already downloaded more than 10000 times, it’s a good news for the developer.

level 1. go to chair tap right drawer pick up TV remote then use it to the TV, remember the picture ( apple, banana, watermelon, star ) go to right corner tap telephone play button and remember height of each rectangle, now go to small box on the floor set each block same with you see at the telephone, pick up a key then use it to open panel beside door, turn it on and change picture to apple, banana, water melon and star.

level 2. tap small drawer on the floor pick up crowbar, tap wall beside shelf and use crowbar to open hole, and pick up bottle opener, tap table on left use bottle opener to open green bottle and pick up roll of paper, go to shelf and tap police car remember car number 273, tap alphabet below rubik's cube and use roll of paper on it, now you can see letter BAF. go to panel beside door and type 273 BAF.

level 3. tap wall painting then tap circle color and remember color when needle stop ( purple, light green, red, blue) now tap bottle under painting remember the year 1867, now tap small table beside sofa and type 1867 ( set the third, second, fourth then first) pick up white claw then go to treasure box set the color to : purple, light green, red, blue. pick up black claw, tap small box beside shelf then complete the puzzle to get crank, use crank at the hole beside small table, put white and black claw on the circle then pick up a card and use it to open door.

level 4. go to computer desktop top left cabinet and pick up hammer head, tap white trash remember the dot position ( diagonal and V ) tap small machine on the table then slide button same with dot inside the trash can, ( 1st no change, 2nd down one step, 3rd down three step, 4th no change, 5th down 1 step ) now tap small alphabet on the floor remember red B2, blue 3C, yellow AA ( only front side) go to computer and tap the screen and change the number to : top B3C and bottom 2AA, number appear on the screen remember white number, change view and pick up wood stick under right table and combine with hammer head, tap small box on the right floor and pick up spark plug, change view and tap crack beside trash can use hammer to break the crack and pick up handle, change view and tap left panel under letter CAFE, put spark plug and handle, tap right panel then tap handle with number 2358 tap desk below liberty photo, slide screwdriver to right slowly and avoid circle touch the cable, open drawer and pick up card and use it to open door.

can you escape level 5 to 8 posted in different pages so don’t worry use search form or click our related post below to read the other walkthrough.

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