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Bank escape walkthrough level 1 – 9 this is another game by mobigrow a good puzzle game developer, we recommend all readers to try this addicting game on android or iphone. All level in bank escape are logic and solvable, it’s only takes 2-3 minutes to solve a level in this game but if you cannot find a clue in level 1 to 9 you can use our guide below.

Bank Escape Level 1: open bag using code 735 and pick up glass cutter and holder (combine it), pick up markers, tap glass then use markers to make circle, then use glass cutter to make hole.

Bank Escape Level 2: pick up kettles and faucet part, go to painting then complete puzzle, pick up faucet and see number ..61, combine faucet and its part, go to dispenser and put faucet at hole, fill kettles with water then back to the table, put kettles at heater tap window and see number 29.. the complete number is 2961, Use this number to open briefcase, pick up cards then use to open door.

Bank Escape Level 3: pick up mop, tap trash pick up cable, use mop to hit light, connect the cable, tap fax machine, choose the wrong : dog, chick, duck tap left twice, tap pencil, tap clock, pick up cards and use it at white atm machine, pick up key and use this key at grey atm machine remember code QA2468F tap door then insert code.

Bank Escape Level 4: pick up fan and tape inside drawer, tap left chair and pick up coffee, tap ipad beside mouse use tape to pick up fingerprint, tap photos beside books : cam 01 02 04 05 08, tap monitors then tap cam 01 02 04 05 08, see the code tap to see missing parts it's 3642, open safe using this numbers, pick up knife use to cut left chair then pick up finger print scanner tap glue on the floor then put coffee on it, use fan to reveal number 79612 go to door put the fingerprint scanner and tape with fingerprint then insert code 79612.

Bank Escape Level 5: tap table pick up USB stick and cutter, tap book shelf pick up pliers, use pliers to cut padlock then turn on switch, go to PC then insert USB stick see number 2473, go to painting and use cutter to remove it, then tap top left button x2 and right x4, bottom x7 and x3, then pick up VIP card back to the PC, open drawer using VIP card see the clue 1324 and pick up paper clip combine paper clip and pliers ( lock pick) , go to door use lock pick and set the spring to 1324.

Bank Escape Level 6: tap tool box and pick up screwdriver parts, go to elevator button then tap stop and tap 2 3 4 10, pick up other screwdriver parts then combine it, now use screwdriver to open elevator buttons, pick up key behind panels, use this key to open secret container inside toolbox pick up flashlight and glass cutter ( ring ) see clue "4ever", tap ceiling then use flashlight you found 10 blue button, back to the elevator button and remember the wire color sequence : G, B, B, R, G, B, G, B, G, R now back to the ceiling button change the color top : G, B, B, R, G, bottom: B, G, B, G, R. Pick up pliers then back to the elevator buttons cut wire number 4 6 7, tap glass beside number 7, pick up key and use to open door.

Bank Escape Level 7: pick up pencil, tap vent pick up sharpener then use it to sharpen pencil, go to table use pencil at white paper see number 7319, pick up coffee, tap box with padlock on screen then insert number 7319, pick up wire cutter and robot remote, pick up battery at the smaller box above, then combine with remote control. Go to door cut red wire then go to left box near sparkplug use wire to connect box with spark plug, use cup off coffee to make box open, pick up robot and combine with remote control, tap vent use wire cutter to open then insert robot, use robot to turn of button : top, bottom,left. Go to door now it's open.

Bank Escape Level 8: go to table see code *un*y, go to PC then combine the code : bunny, use this code to use PC remember the clue, back to the table then tap piggybank, set the color to pink, yellow, green, orang, pick up card, tap painting above fishtank set the level same with clue on PC then insert card into fishtank to get white key, open drawer under pc pick up gas tube, tap painting above PC pick up cutter, go to table and use cutter to open book and pick code cracker, go to safe beside fishtank, use code cracker to see clue, set number to 4851 open safe then pick up key and welding tool, combine this tool with gas tube, go to large safe use welding tool to make hole then use white key and gold key to open.

Bank Escape Level 9: tap bag pick up switch, go to right door put the switch then go inside, pick up tripod, move cup then push red button and pick up key B1, go to locker open B1, pick up mirror then combine with tripod, put tripod at X symbol on the floor, then tap ceiling and see number AIII 491 ( mirrored ), back to small room open box using code 491, now you found key BI 847 and safe cracker, open box BI with code 847, pick up other safe cracker tools and combine it,tap AIII locker to get clue, before go to left door remember all opened locker numbers 3 1 2 4, use safe cracker at left door ( safe ) connect blue to blue, red to red and yellow to yellow ( see clue AIII ) then change roman number to 3124.

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