Android Room Escape Game

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Android room escape game is one of android game that is unique and interesting to play it with your android device. This android room escape game is quite one of a kind, because the purpose of this game is to break out from the room. Break out from the room ? Yes, quite interesting right ! In this game you will need to solve some hidden mysteries in this game in order to open the door to break out from the room and escape from the room. The gameplay for this game is pretty much simple to do because you only need tap the screen to collect the items and try to open the door in order to get the full use from those items.

    Sometimes the gameplay can be really interesting because it will challenge your intuition and demand your intuitive action to take place. For the example you need to use your intuition for actions such as shaking or tilting the smartphone. The features like that make this game to be really interesting to play because it combines many elements to play the game, this game not just limit itself to ordinary things like tapping your screen or tapping the right button, but it also demand your creativity and intuition to solve the mysteries of the game to break out from the room.

    And if you are interested in getting this game, you are pretty much a lucky person because luckily this game is free and you do not need to spend any money in order to get this game. This game have auto-save features and all-stages in this game are selectable. This room escape game also features mini escape game that is pretty useful to kill some of your free time. For the system requirement, you will need android version 2.3 or above in order to play this game.

100 doors