Alternative Browser for Windows 8

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Windows 8 is still considered as a new browser in the market. The newly-released windows 8 is having mixed reviews from various windows users all over the world. Many of them like it but many of them dislike it. For the party that like the newly-released windows 8, they voice their opinions that they like it because Microsoft provide better user-interface with their new windows 8 operating system. The new user interface in the windows 8 OS also very consistent even when you use it for third-part application. The UI that is consistent both for Microsoft program and third-party application is one of the strongest point that windows 8 provide.

    Now through this article we would like to review about one of the third-party application for you to use on your windows 8. In this occasion we would like to review about alternative browser for windows 8. We would like to review about alternative browser for windows 8 because we think that it is one of the application that most people likely to install on their desktop. A computer won't be complete without a browser, and we know that many people prefer chrome or Firefox compared to internet explorer. That is why in this occasion we would like to review how Google chrome metro style that is released for windows 8 perform in this new OS.

    The Google metro style application is actually a hybrid application of desktop and metro. This application support adobe flash content from all sites and also supports the three snap views that we can find in the windows 8 operating system. This application also support the OS's sharing contact, which allow you to share web pages with various applications. Judging from the appearance and the compatibility to work with the OS we can conclude that this Google chrome metro style application can be a good alternative browser for windows 8 that you can consider.