94%You eat it raw – It stings – Perfume bottles picture

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I want to share 94% answers for this question:You eat it raw,  It stings, Perfume bottles picture . If you can't guess this question then you come to the right pages because I want to share the 94% heats in this level for the iOS and android version. I play the US version but you can download 94% in French and Spanish language. I hope I can share the answers not only for the English version but also Fr and Es, so it will make all player can solve all difficult question in  this level.

You eat it raw

It stings

Perfume bottles picture

You eat it raw : Vegetables, Fruit, Sushi, Cookie dough, Eggs
It stings : Bee, Cut, Mosquito, Jellyfish, Burn, Scorpion, Needle
Perfume bottles picture : Perfume, Smell, Flower, Bottle, Women