94% Things on your night stand – The Hairdresser – Bat Fly picture

I want to share 94% answers for this question: Things on your night stand , The Hairdresser, Bat Fly picture. If you can't guess this question then you come to the right pages because I want to share the 94% Cheats in this level for the iOS and android version. I play the US version but you can download 94% in French and Spanish language. I hope I can share the answers not only for the English version but also Fr and Es, so it will make all player can solve all difficult question in  this level.

94% Things on your night stand

94% The Hairdresser

94% Bat Flying picture

Things on your night stand : Lamp, Clock, Book, Water, Phone, Glasses
The Hairdresser : Scissors, Dye, Style, Cut, Hair, Shampoo, Blow dryer, Salon, Comb
Flying bat picture : Fly, Bat, Wing, Cloud, Sky