7 Words Puzzle Level 1 Answers

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Answers for 7 words puzzle level 1, this amazing word game for iphone and ipad which have more than 50 level, each level contains 7 puzzle, this game is simple but challenging for me, i can solve almost all the level available in the game, of course some level solved using a word solver apps and search engine.

7 Words Puzzle Level 1 Answers

1. bus that can cross the ocean 8 letters: COLUMBUS
2. Japanese dress 6 letters: KIMONO
3. red fruit 5 letters: APPLE
4. rock star Michael 7 letters: JACKSON
5. Starbucks for example 9 letters: CAFETERIA
6. Italian dessert 8 letters: TIRAMISU
7. the M in MTV 5 letters: MUSIC