4 Pics 1 Word Cheats Level 1 to 40

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4 Pics 1 Word Cheats is your help to complete all puzzle in the fantastic 4 pics 1 word game created by LOTUM GmbH, to play this game is very simple just like play scrabble game but the clue is on 4 picture which related with the word that you should find the answer. But if you can’t find the puzzle answer we already create hints to make you easier complete this game.

level 1: shower, wave, watering level 2: candy, chocolate, dog, baby level 3: pen, kangaroo, arrow, writing level 4: ski, jumping
level 5: case, pencil, kid, cross level 6: kids, kid jump, kid play level 7:push up, teach dog, meeting level 8: golf, football, basket
level 9: socks, bug, burger, boots level 10: milk tank, can, jerry can level 11: nail, gate, fish, salad level 12: pig, white board, bike, wedding
level 13:girl, baby, cat, drink level 14: wave level 15: marble, globe, ball, pregnant level 16: palm fruit, couple, imagine, calendar
level 17:stick, bats, baseball, night level 18: egg, meat, sushi, vegetable level 19: love, fruit, factory, power plant level 20: woman, money, cart, dollar
level 21:internet, email, door level 22: road, car, driving level 23: jammed, finger, giraffe, gym level 24: sea, girl, parrot, sun
level 25: symbol, fish, violin level 26:cougar, owl, roulette, umbrella level 27: line, seat, paddle level 28:books, train, ride,
level 29: jammed, walk, push car, snail level 30: sign, plug, kid, hammer level 31: jump, pulley, rappelling level 32: ice cream, ice hose, girl
level 33: rotate, clock, ipad, window level 34: push up, play, gym, suit level 35:reading, girl, books level 36: kids, box, shark, shoe
level 37: clover, horse shoe, dice level 38: baby, mountain, music level 39: suit, girl, gift box, kid level 40: girl, monkey, man, girl

that’s 4 pics one word answer for level 1 to 40, this guide will updated tomorrow please bookmark this website.

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