3 Best External Cell Phone Battery Chargers

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External cell phone battery charger is important for phone users as a little extra power in case the phone is dying. Even, external cell phone battery charger can be used for your laptop or camera so carrying extra batteries is so crucial. You just have to plug the device into your cell phone battery charger and the problem will be solved. The following are the three of the best stuffs, so you can pick the best external cell phone battery charger that you want.

Anker Astro Series

External cell phone battery charger by Anker has a ton of power. Each series has the different power according to the model of your cell phone. The model of Anker is slim, so you can put it on your pocket and take everywhere you go. You can charge multiple charges at one time, and both can be powered for an hour. Many people use this charger because this external cell phone battery charger is portable. Not only that, this high capacity and small size charger can be used as a flashlight and even can charge devices with high powered such as small laptops and notebooks also tablets. But you have to consider that not all of the Anker series can be charged via USB.

New Trent iCarrier/iGeek

If you are iPhone and iPad users you have to try New Trent as your external cell phone battery charger. The portable iCarrier has 1200mAh and iGeek has 9900mAh. Your iPhone or iPad, Android phone or another device can be charged by these models via micro USB or USB. iCarrier and iGeek also has the indicator lights that can read easily which is located in the top of the device, so you do not have to worry about how much charge has left. Both models can charge two devices at one time, and will turn off when device is charged.

Energizer XP Series


Energizer is one of the big names in battery industry, so it is not a bizarre thing if they produce external cell phone battery charger. Their battery chargers are out in the electronic stores and internet. Energizer’s cell phone battery charger has al lot of capacities and flavors. And this cell phone battery charger has more tips and cables that you can use to charge your device. Even if you have old school cell phone, this cell phone charger probably has the tip to charge it.