2 Photos Clues Cheats

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2 photos clues cheats for English, France, German and Italy version. You can solve this game using our solutions below, but please remember you must solve it from top picture to bottom question do not jump to next picture before answers the top picture because the answers will be different with this result. This cheats created using android and if you play this game using iOS device and found a differences please leave a comments below.

2 photos clues game created by second gear games which also create word connect and other challenging word game, if you love 2 photos clues please rate 5 star and leave a comments it will be appreciated.

2 Photo Clues Level 1

1. English: Crown
2. English: Feather
3. small flying insect that has a round red back with dark spots: ladybug
4. English: House
5. English: Coffee
6. a small animal that has quills all over its body: porcupine
7. English: Photographer
8. English: Tomato
9. tool with a long handle that is used for lifting and throwing dirt: shovel
10. English: Soap
11. English: frogs
12. very large number of insects moving together: swarm
13. English: cherry
14. English: flame
15. the lower part of a person's face: jaw
16. English: Garden
17. English: Spice
18. tropical plant that has heavy leaves which produce a thick liquid used in medicines: aloe
19. English: paw
20. English: heart

2 Photo Clues Niveau 1

1. France: Couronne
2. France: Plume
3. Petit coléoptère rouges avec des taches noires: coccinelle
4. France: Maison
5. France: café
6. mammifère insectivore, caractérisé par ses piquants dorsaux: hérisson
7. France: Photographe
8. France: Tomate
9. outil formé d'une plaque métallique pourvue d'un long manche: pelle
10. France: Savon
11. France: grenouilles
12. groupe d'abeilles, avec leur reine, qui quittent une ruche pour s'établirent ailleurs: essaim
13. France: Cerise
14. France: Flamme
15. deux arcs osseux qui supportent les dents chez les vertébrés: mâchoire
16. France: Jardin
17. France: Épice
18. plante de la famille des liliacées fournissant un purgatif: aloès
19. France: Patte
20. France: Coeur

1. German: Krone
2. German: Feder
3. ein kleiner, rundlicher Käfer mit roten Flügeln und schwarzen Punkten: Marienkäfer
4. German: Haus
5. German: Kaffee
6. ein kleines Tier das in Stacheln hat: Igel
7. German: Fotograf
8. German: Tomate
9. ein Gerät mit einem langen Stiel und einem breiten Stück Metall an einem Ende: Schaufel
10. German: Seife
11. German: Frösche
12. eine große Zahl von Fischen, Vögeln od. Insekten, die zusammen leben: Schwarm
13. German: Kirsche
14. German: Flamme
15. der Schädelknochen, in dem die Zähne sitzen: Kiefer
16. German: Garten
17. German: Gewürz
18. eine Zier- und Heilpflanze: Aloe
19. German: Pfote
20. German: Herz

2 Photo Clues Livello 1

1. Italy: Corona
2. Italy: Piuma
3. Insetto dell'ordine dei Coleotteri: coccinella
4. Italy: Casa
5. Italy: Caffè
6. comunemente noti come ricci sono una sottofamiglia della famiglia degli Erinaceidi: riccio
7. Italy: Fotografo
8. Italy: Pomodoro
9. Attrezzo manuale, destinato a rimuovere terra e altri materiali: pala
10. Italy: Sapone
11. Italy: rane
12. gruppo di api operaie che con la vecchia regina abbandonano il proprio nido per fondare altrove una nuova colonia: sciame
13. Italy: Ciliegia
14. Italy: Fiamma
15. Osso facciale in cui sono infissi i denti superiori: mascella
16. Italy: Giardino
17. Italy: Spezie
18. Genere di piante della famiglia delle Liliacee: aloe
19. Italy: zampa
20. Italy: Cuore

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