1000 Words With Sweets Answers Level 7

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This is the answers for 1000 words with sweets answers for level 7, this game is similar to word cookies but it using different word and funny monster animation that will eat every candy or chocolate after the word solved. The other differences is this game also count two letter words which not used in word cookies game.

Actually you can use anagram apps to reveal the words with sweets answers but this apps need an active internet connection so if your device in offline mode this apps wont work. If you use our 1000 words with sweets cheats you can save it in your phone using screen capture feature and use it later.

Words With Sweets Features

• word game for the whole family
• discover new words
• easy to play
• hundreds of puzzles to solve
• excellent word game to keep your brain sharp
• made for phones and tablets

1000 Words With Sweets Level 7 Answers

1. side ides dies
2. hate the hat tea heat ate eat
3. goat toga got at go to oat ago tag
4. open peon one pen nope eon
5. year ear erayar are ray aye rye
6. army may ray yar arm ram mar yam
7. time mite item met tie me it emit
8. mean name amen mane men man an am me
9. lead dale lade deal led lad ale
10. race acre care are car arc ear ace era

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