100 Maya Doors Level 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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While waiting for file download i want to share 100 maya doors level 9 10 11 12 13 14 15, i just complete this 7 level using my galaxy tab need little effort to solve this game because we ever play lot of puzzle game so we can guess the solutions from the design. Need clue to solve 100 maya doors se our preview and description below.

level 9. tap right button until red bar full, release the button then tap left button until 3/4 bar when yellow and red ball at the arrow tap red button

level 10. tap circle above door then tilt android right, left upside down, left , right.

level 11. tilt phone right to move the rock, under the rock there's board with number 1086.

level 12. tilt phone to  W E S E N S E ( W = west, E = east, N = north S = south ).

level 13. complete the puzzle at the door, start from the top left to make it easier

level 14. see the moon white part is the direction so tap this button : orange, blue, blue, blue, blue, orange.

level 15. pick up 2 arrow put at the circle, now set the clock left is hour right is minute, you must point hour hand to the right position.

100 maya doors walkthrough for other level also available in this website so don't worry you can play this game with confident because we create the walkthrough and cheats.

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