100 Locked Doors Cheats Level 1 to 40

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100 locked doors is another open door game, challenging and have lot level to play most player will be addicted with this game after solve 1 or 2 door, but when they cannot solve so they need a cheats to solve 100 locked doors game but if use video cheats you will use a lot internet quota so this is the right post to help you win 40 level in 100 locked doors game.

1. tap button
2. slide green button up
3. pick up screwdriver then fix elevator button and tap it
4. shake android then pick up key and use it to open door
5. open door using key 1986
6. tap and hold your finger at the circle until full bar then tap elevator button
7. change the puzzle position until the middle puzzle shape like an arrow point to top
8. tap button : Left-Right-Left-Left-Right-Left-Right-Right
9. tilt phone upside down then use code 251783 to open door
10. move the box then pick up hammer, use hammer to break the box then pick up key.

11. tap button until door open
12. tap button same with guideline above door
13. tap clock and count how many tap until it's back to first position the result is : 8462
14. slice 14 sushi
15. point each circle to the next circle start from bottom left, the last circle point to first ( 1>2>3>4>5 )
16. pick up crowbar and nail, open drain cover then use nail to pick up key
17. tap blue button 3 times then slide blinking circle to 3 bar circle, tap blue button 1 time then slide blinking circle to 1 bar circle
18. count how many triangle at above door shape and floor shape : 6 and 35 so the code is 635
19. tap tile same with the clue on the floor
20. slide door left and right then slide rope down until end.

21. count each object that contain this color : brown, purple, blue, orange : 3135
22. just guess where the key
23. put canary in the pot, then flush
24. slide up the arrow and remember the number part, slide down arrow and combine this part with first part : 0753
25. rub the blood using mop, insert number to open 4164
26. tap arrow : right x4, up x2, left x2, up x2, right x2 then tap play button
27. pick up pliers, slide toolbox and pick up screwdriver, open lock keypad using screwdriver then use pliers to cut wire, insert 2014 to open door
28. tap play button then remember the number sequence and the code is 591023
29. count object at left, top, right, bottom : 1316
30. look at the clock and bottom right door : use code 1895 then tap clock.

31. count blue, red, white, and yellow in 3 spaceship : 101335
32. pick up crowbar and hammer, use hammer to break safe then pick up key use key to open door, use crowbar to open stuck door
33. e =5 , c = 3, d = 4, o = 15 so CODE = 31545 
34. fostered and then flush tree then shake your android to make apple fall wait until you see pig : 5619
35. complete the face puzzle ( it's zuma )
36. use fire extinguisher then pick up crowbar and open door flush fire
37. look carefully at the room you will found number 9527 (top to bottom)
38. insert fuel to the machine then slide wire from machine to bulb tap button.
39. count lines in each shape ABGZ : 8619
40. shake android until ladder fall, use it at the hole under newspaper see number 31 inside drain so the code is: 4031

do not use 100 locked doors video walkthrough because it’s for noob, smarter player will use only a parts of this cheats and then they try to solve the rest, as a smart gamer you will never waste time to watch a video just for solve a level in puzzle game.

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